The holiday season is a time for celebration, but it’s also a time for indulgence and avoiding holiday weight gain is on most healthy persons mind.

With so many delicious holiday treats and rich meals around, it can be hard to resist the temptation to overindulge and put on extra weight.

Of course, we’re going to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way but it is a challening if you’re a foodie.

With a few simple tips, you can still enjoy the holiday season without worrying about putting on the pounds. Here’s how to avoid putting on weight over the Christmas period:

1. Eat Slowly

It takes your brain 20 minutes to register that you’re full. So, instead of wolfing down your food, take your time to savor every bite and enjoy the flavors. This will help prevent overeating, which is one of the main causes of weight gain during the holidays.

You can also stop to talk. Lay your knife and fork out, sip on sme water…but not too much as drinking while eating doesn’t help the gut digest food that well. But generally, just sit back and have a conversation with someone.

By doing this, it takes away some of the 20 minutes you need for the brain to register it’s been eating for sometime and you’re now full. Nice trick!

2. Stick to Your Routine

One of the best ways for avoiding holiday weight gain is to stick to your regular routine. Hard to do, we know but it’ll help you out in the long run.

Make sure you’re still eating healthy meals throughout the day and getting your regular exercise. This will help you maintain your weight and prevent any holiday weight gain.

Over eating is the primary thing we tend to do at Xmas. Remember, salads take a long time to eat and for Tip # 1 Eat Slowly, it’s a great way to slow down but secondly, salads are a great way to keep eating but not overeat on dead calories.

If you’re following My Action Projects Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Meal Plan you can plan ahead and fast before Xmas day lunch.

This allows you to potentially overeat (if you absolutely want to) in the periods allocated to eating while still holding onto your fasting regime.

3. Don’t Skip Meals

Avoiding holiday weight gain isn’t about starving yourself or not being apart of the festivities with friends and family. You can have some really enjoyable, tasty food – and even come back for seconds.

Some people feel it can be tempting to skip meals during the holidays in order to “save up” for a big meal. However, this is actually counter-productive as it can lead to overeating later on.

Instead of skipping meals, try to keep your meals balanced and eat smaller portions throughout the day.

4. Drink More Water

Staying hydrated is essential for keeping your body healthy and can help you feel fuller, so make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

This will help you feel more satisfied and prevent you from overeating.

An even better tip is to drink a full glass of water 10 to 20 mins before eating. Research shows that by doing this helps trigger the gut-brain connection into thinking that eating has started.

5. Don’t Overindulge

It’s ok to indulge in a few holiday treats, but don’t go overboard. It’s not worth it. Often, that slice of cake, extra peice of meat, or large bun could equal another 45 minutes of exercise.

If you would like to however, choose one or two favorites and enjoy them in moderation. Don’t forget to also fill up on healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to keep your weight in check.

Carrot and hummus are a great option in avoiding holiday weight gain.

If you’re nervous about overeating at a meal; you could also try and eat a Keto Protein Bar, these often are lower in calories and carbs yet they are dense enough to give you the edge

6. Get Moving

Exercise is always important for maintaining your weight, but it’s especially important during the holidays.

Try to fit in a workout at least once a day, even if it’s just a short walk or a quick yoga session. This will help you burn off any extra calories and keep your metabolism revved up.

7. Eat Mindfully

Mindful eating is all about being mindful of your food and paying attention to what you’re eating. Instead of mindlessly eating or picking at foods on the table, take the time to enjoy your meal. This can help prevent overeating and help you keep your weight in check.

You could also clear the table of food during the holiday season. The Xmas and New Year break is all about conversation, friends and family.

Most of the time, it’s spent at the table or around the kitchen. If all the snack foods are put away and the kitchen bench is tidy – you’ll be less likely to over eat.

Avoiding holiday weight gain doesn’t need to be a massive undertaking and these are just a few tips to help you avoid putting on weight over the Christmas period.

With a little bit of willpower and discipline, you can still enjoy the holiday season without worrying about packing on the pounds.


This is anot exactly a science. Most of us truely understand the difference between eating healthy and not eating healthy.

Taking a ‘everything in moderation’ is a great approach. If you are to over-endulged, be okay with this and don’t let it get you down. You can re-focus on an approach later on in the day or the following day.

Remember, 1 slip up on a Tuesday does not indicate that the rest of the week is a write-off and the diet starts on Monday.

Just enjoy your plate of food and be mindful about your next portion and start again soon after. Avoiding holiday weight gain isn’t a challenge when you put your mind to it.

You’ll get back on track in no time and here’s a great follow up reminder on How to Keep Motivated to Lose Weight