The experts at My Action Project love to review or learn about new and exciting ways to maintain and improve our health. So when we decided to review the new trend of submerging oneself in Ice Baths, it was not something we had ever considered before.

However, we’re pretty confident to say that we wish we had known about cold water therapy years ago because it had a profound effect on both our bodies and minds.

What Is An Ice Bath

Generally, an ice bath is a body of water that is so cold, that it provides the user with a therapeutic result.

Ice Baths can use used for:

  • Recovery from intense sport
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Building resiliance
  • Boosting mood
  • Improving mental wellbeing
  • Better sleep

The thing we noticed in our short time experimenting with Ice Baths is how simple it was to try it.

You can simply fill the bath with water and sit in it. Tap water just might be something you’re able to handle but if you want to take your experience next level, pop in some ice and leave it for 30 mins – things will get chilly quite quickly.

If you don’t want to waste water by having ice baths every night or, you simply don’t have a bathtub, you can use a portable ice bath from our friends over at Freeze Tub.

Freeze Tub is a leading supplier of the highest-rated ice baths in New Zealand and Australia. They boast 5 thermal layers with rip-stop technology and UV protective outer casing.

What You Could Expect To Feel When You Plunge in Cold Water For the First Time.

Let me first off let me set the scene.

It wasn’t exactly a warm evening, I had stepped out of the gym and into the frigid winter air, a shiver ran down my spine. I pulled my jacket tighter around me and I walked briskly to the car.

I knew exactly what awaited me at home because earlier, my partner called and said the ice bath had arrived and she had set it up already, she had filled it with water, loaded it with ice and it was ready for me.

I didn’t think to say at the time ‘ready for me?…what about you!’

Initially, I was full of apprehension as I walked into the house and doubt started creeping in wondering if I was ready for this, especially because I had just experienced the thrust of hot air from the heat pump.

It also didn’t help that first, my partner had this air of excitement about her but secondary having the ice bath set up right next to the spa pool wasn’t perhaps the best of starts as I usually come home from the gym and have a relaxing spa.

Tonight, however, was different. I once heard a wise person say ‘Eat the frog at the start of the day‘, in other words, if you had all day to eat a frog (and I wouldn’t, but work with me here) do it first thing in the morning, essentially, get it out of the way as fast as you can.

Well, fortunately in the morning, I forgot that our friends at Freeze Tub were sending us the Solo ice baths so thinking about it all day wasn’t an issue – but it is now that I’ve seen it out of the corner of my eye.

Ok, my heart rate was not at its resting rate any longer, it was alleviated as I had just started a jog, my partner passed me a towel and walked me over to the tub.

I stood there in my undies feeling vulnerable and a little outnumbered. A dog, and Ice Bath and a partner with an expression that said ‘Oh boy, I can’t wait to see this, it’s like a train wreck in slow motion and all I need is popcorn and a laugh track’.

She held onto the thermal lid, looked at me and paused, then whipped it off like a chef taking off a dome lid covering food at a restaurant. I think she was hoping it would be a crescendo, but it was met with a blank face.

I thought to myself. Eat the frog so I dropped the towel, and stepped in. I involuntarily let out a quiet whimper and started a controlled breathing technique that I recall seeing on a Wim Hoff YouTube clip once. It didn’t work.

I continued to submerge myself, feeling brave. Suddenly a wave of cold surrounded my body, it was somewhat painful but at the same time refreshing.

Over the next minute of submerging in cold water, I experienced something I had never felt before – this rush of endorphins, a sense of energy that ran through my body. It felt quite relaxing, calming, which I wasn’t expecting.

3 Minutes Of Plunging Later

My partner thought it was a little bit of an anti-climax as she was expecting me to shout out in pain and wriggle in discomfort, but it was by far the opposite. I was almost zen-like.

She calmly said my 3 minutes was up and I could get out, but I felt like I wanted to stay just a little longer, mostly to give off the impression I was enjoying it. Don’t get me wrong, it felt great, but it was still cold and I felt myself starting to shiver.

Getting out was a mix of sensations. Initially, that cold air I experienced from the gym felt like a hot summer night, but I felt super alert but calm. Throughout the night, I felt invigorated, refreshed and that I strangely accomplished my own little Everest.

To say the least, I was strangely hooked on Ice Baths.

Two Peas in a Pod

After a month of experiencing taking regular ice baths, 6 to 7 days a week for 3-4 minutes each time, we were blown away with the difference we can see in our health and wellbeing.

At My Action Project, we focus on foods to help you lose weight and feel great, but we’re well aware of alternative therapies to help improve holistically your body, and this one trend isn’t going to be a trend in our house. It’s a staple part of our daily lives!

We never thought that taking on regular ice baths would have such a profound effect on our bodies and minds.

These are the 5 noticeable changes after ice bathing for a month

  • Our sleep has improved remarkedly
  • We aren’t as sore after the gym or from playing sport.
  • We recover faster from injuries and less DOM (Delayed Muscle Onset Soreness)
  • The dryness I had on my legs has improved
  • Mentally, I feel like I can take more on without the stress

Whether you are on a Keto diet plan, training for a marathon or practising yoga and meditation. The My Action Project experts can’t thank Freeze Tub enough for allowing us the opportunity to experience cold water therapy – this is something you have to incorporate into your health regime.

We are now cold water therapy geeks! Except Moose the Dog…he prefers to watch.

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