MAP IF YOU DARE Weight Loss Program

Burn Fat and Build Muscle.

If You Dare is based on foods that are nutritious, but lower in calories. We also utilize a healthy ‘re-feed’ protocol within the plan to help the body boost it’s metabolism and negate any adverse effects of calorie restriction.

Be aware: This is a hardcore fat loss program

MAP If You Dare Lite

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  • 7-Day If You Dare PDF Weight Loss Program
  • 7-Day Supplementation Plan
  • Online Group Support


It’s all in the title. If You Dare. Take this weight loss plan on at your own risk – and what we mean by this is don’t expect an easy program. This plan was created for the final stages of fat loss and lean mass (muscle) gain for competitive figure competitions. This is designed if you plan on lifting weight followed by cardio afterwards. It’s high in protein, high in fiber and low in animal fats. It involves supplementation, although this is optional.

It has a re-feed protocol (not a cheat day) to help keep the metabolism firing and to boost lepton, a hormone responsible for fat loss. We’ll keep the carbs roughly at 30%, protein 40% and essential fats at 30% and a couple of weeks we’ll switch it up a little to keep the body guessing.

There are a few twists and turns. It’ll be a blast. You’ll look like a Million bucks in a few weeks.

Big Benefits of Hard Out If You Dare Weight Loss Plan

Eating for a particular goal is rewarding. But it was unintended benefits too. it can sometimes kick the living daylights out of bad habits. Habits that you’re so ticked off with – they will never return.

Results Improve Motivation. The reason most people give up something is because they don’t see results fast enough. If You Dare gets results FAST. Our customers say they smash through their weight loss goals even before the program finishes. That’s what we call RESULTS BASED NUTRITION.

This exact plan took one lady to winning Gold in her Countries National Figure Competition. It’s designed to drop the fat, maintain lean muscle and look tight. It’s hard. You can stop at any stage but you’ll get up early each morning to check yourself out in the mirror.

Protein is a big component of any weight management program for a lot of reasons. However If You Dare program has a macro-nutrient profile of 45% protein sources with the remaining being carbs and essential fats.

Definitely not. However protein shakes are very simple and can fit nicely into a recovery shake post working out or even as a complete meal replacement if need be. If You Dare is food – we’ll provide customized complete recipe options. Protein shakes are in the supplement plan too but they are optional and can be switched in or out of the plan.


With these massively effective programs unlike anything else, you get INSTANT ACCESS TO:
MAP If You Dare Weight Loss Plan (Value $716)

You get 6 weeks of open access to the MAP Meal Planning app where your program has been developed. You can create smart shopping lists, download your plans and buy supplements. In the final 2 weeks, you will have a new set of meal plans to kick-start the final phase of the If You Dare program. All are customized and crafted by your Map Experts.

The Worlds Ultimate Supplement Compendium (Value $49)

The Worlds Ultimate Supplement Compendium is an evidence based guide to how supplements interact and speed up your dieting process. You’ll get a clearer understanding on how Proteins Powders, Creatine Monohydrate and BCAA’s work and the importance of other additional nutrients and the exact timings to take to maximise performance.

28 Day Supply of Metabolism Plus (Value $97)

Our Metabolism is by far one of the most importance aspects of effective fat loss. Ultimately, food is a great motivator for improving this but science has uncovered some very effective additional nutrients that helps things a long (a lot) The MAP Experts have got our little fingers on these and want to share the love.

Total value? $862
The unbelievably small investment from you?


If You Dare Gold:
  • 6 weeks If You Dare Weight Loss Program (App Based)
  • 7-Day Supplementation Plan (with exact timings)
  • 28-Day Supply Metabolism Plus Supplements
  • Online Group and Email Support

MAP If You Dare Lite

ONLY $29

Common Questions

If you have any other questions about the program, please contact the team at

Access to a gym isn’t mandatory but it is suggested. This is a program that is best suited to those who have weight lifting experience. If you aren’t in the gym, to maximise the results we would suggest power-walking for 45 mins (once or twice) a day during this program.

The If You Dare Meal Plan is a challenging plan and it’s base off the principles of losing fat – fast. Preserving muscle is a critical factor for this program too so the food is nutrient dense so we’re losing fat but not at the expense of muscle.

Each MAP Weight Loss Plan as been uniquely designed to maximise fat loss but in a way where the consumer (you) can choose what best suits their lifestyle. Let us know if you do have any questions and we’ll be happy to help guide you to what’s best.

Supplements play an important role in weight management. Some plans we omit certain foods that are important for overall health but they aren’t the best when we’re focusing on an objective so supplements can pick up the nutritional gaps. We offer a supplement program as part of each plan, but you do not need to follow this.

Yes absolutely. We’ve created these plans that have calorie differences to suit both male and female. We have Mappers that are in their 20’s through to their 70’s.

Our MAP Health Experts are always reviewing meal programs. We’ve had Vegan and Vegetarian plans before but we’ve taken them down and updating with new recipes and plans. Email us and we’ll let you know when they are ready.

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MAP If You Dare Lite

ONLY $29

  • 7-Day If You Dare PDF Weight Loss Program
  • 7-Day Supplementation Plan
  • Online Group Support

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