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How Weekly Meal Plans Work

Each Friday you will receive a family friendly, healthy meal plan directly into your inbox. Each plan will have:

  • three new breakfast options,
  • a few different snacks to choose from
  • four to five new dinners

Bear in mind we have purposely created an option to have left overs, saving you time and money. Each meal will be nutritionally balanced and come with a complete grocery list.

Each meal plan portion size will default to two people, but can be customized automatically to one person, or more if you are a large family.

12 month meal plan 12 week meal plan

Just wanted to say thanks. Your menu options are great and even when I emailed you last month about some different choices, you were super fast to provide a few more options for our picky eaters, so thank you. Super easy to follow and it’s certainly taken the hassle out of what to do.

Julia Frankson

Thanks for this. We kinda cheaped out and got the 12 week meal plan but we’re really happy to recycle the menu options, there are plenty there. So just wanted to say thanks for the help and also Mark is happy he’s got his gluten free options in there too. Cheers guys.

Petra Ogilvy

We tried meal planning last year. Total waste of regurgitated crappy options. We heard of you through friends. They are very well planned out and make sense. The breakfasts and lunches are sensible and produced for families with busy lifestyles, so thanks for the forward thinking.

David and Alicia

why meal plan?

Meal Planning is certainly not a new idea. Our Grandparents meal planned even before the internet was a thing. We’ve just, let say ‘modernized’ it a tad; added a little spice so to speak! Meal Planning has become one of the most searched terms for parents…and busy singletons.

You’ve probably had a routine of hitting 5pm and on the drive home you start to think about dinner. Some times, you put it in the too hard basket and it’s take aways, other times, it’s the go-to ‘soup and toast’ or an air-fryer Karage Chicken and whatever vegetable is nearly expired in the fridge. Either or, it’s never all that great, or healthy.

Save Money

Lets face it. Meal Planning saves you money. Why? Because the My Action Project Experts have decided on the most nutritionally balanced options, that benefit the whole family and that are focussed on affordable ingredients. It’s that simple.

Eat Healthier

You know you’re never supposed to supermarket shop on an empty stomach right? This is because we spend on average $32 more than if we shopped when we’ve just eaten. A whopping 97% of those food choices are foods that are unhealthy snacks.

We all know that lack of preparation leads us to make bad choices. Meal Plans enable us to make better choices and helps to form better eating habits.

Meal Plan Prices

12 months of Meals Plans for $286.

For as little as $5.50 each week you will receive a nutritionally balanced meal plan designed for the whole family to enjoy.

12 weeks of Meals Plans for $84.

For as little as $7.00 each week you will receive a nutritionally balanced meal plan designed for the whole family to enjoy.

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