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Keto Plans are one of the most under-utilized tools for losing weight. But we’ve had challenges around dirty keto so we’ve revolutionized our approach. Clean Keto is the healthier alternative. Low Carbs. High Essential Fats. 100% Taste. Full on Fat Loss

MAP – Clean Keto Lite

ONLY $29

  • 7-Day MAP Clean Keto Plan (PDF download)
  • 7-Day Supplementation Plan
  • Online Group Support


MAP’s carefully curated Clean Keto plans offers wholesome nutrient-dense, high essential-fat foods. This is the complete opposite to ‘dirty’ Keto which often offers high animal fat, processed foods. Keto Diet Plans have become extremely popular way of dieting because your body, once in ketosis can effectively burn fat as a fuel.

Your body first off wants carbohydrates to burn as fuel, but if you take in less, well your body uses it’s fat as an alternative energy source. Fat is like coal…it’s hard to get it going but once it’s on fire, it’s the best source of heat.

MAP Keto Diets are not for the faint hearted. It’s challenging – but we’re not here to stay the way we are right?! We’re here to change. Smash into it and thank us later.

Big Benefits of Keto Weight Loss Programs

There are a massive amount of benefits to Clean Keto and the resident MAP professional experts feel the health benefits are just the tip of the ice burg. Lets start with 4 Big Benefits of Clean Keto Eating

Low Carb and Ketogenic dieting has many health benefits with cognitive function. Studies show it improves concentration, promotes less brain fog and most recent is the benefits around improving neurological diseases and reducing migraines.

Lets face it. Keto Dieting works and it’s a no brainer. The science is there, the results are proven. Jump on the Keto Kraze and get into MAP’s Clean Keto Diet Plan. If you need more convincing than getting a focussed mindset and slimmer waist, read on.

Well lets set things straight. If you’re overweight the likelihood of degenerative disease and cancers developing are increased. When was the last time you saw an overweight 90 year old? Clean Keto Diets provide short term weight management solution which could help decrease the likelihood of disease from obesity.

By taking an approach of healthy eating could extend your life. High processed foods increase the rate at which inflammation and disease sets in. A Clean Keto Diet from MAP offers a variety (like a lot) of healthy, low carbohydrate foods to help decrease weight – fast.


One of our most downloaded programs and unlike anything else, you get INSTANT ACCESS TO:
MAP Clean Keto Program (Value $179)

Our Clean Keto Weight Loss Digital Plans are designed with RESULTS in mind. You get 30 Days Clean Keto Recipes designed by health professionals. You’ll get full access to My Action Project Keto Meal Planning App, you can adjust serving sizes direct from the app itself, create smart grocery lists, and purchase supplements direct. We can’t make this any easier.

The Worlds Ultimate Supplement Compendium (Value $49)

The Worlds Ultimate Supplement Compendium is a up to date science based guide that will explain the role that vitamins and minerals play in our body and the impact they have for your long term health. We tell you what to take, why to take them and the exact timings to take them. Effective supplementation alongside a good diet program and exercise provides unbelievable results

28 Day Supply of Metabolism Plus (Value $97)

Our metabolism is responsible for a large number of processes in our body and when it’s optimized, it increases the rate at which we burn fat. If it’s slow and sluggish, it affects our ability to focus, we gain weight and we get digestive issues. Metabolism Plus supplement is one of the most powerful metabolism boosters available today. It’s like aviation fuel for a motorbike and if you combine it with a MAP program, you’ll be smashing weight loss goals in no time.

Total value? $325

The unbelievably small investment from you?


Keto Gold Programs include:
  • Full Access to MAP Propriety Customized Meal / Recipe App (Regular MAP plans are PDF)
  • Detailed Digital Meal Plan, Recipe & Grocery List
  • 7-Day Precise Supplementation Plan

MAP – Keto Weight Loss Lite

ONLY $29

Common Questions

If you have any other questions or concerns about the program, please contact us at

In short, Yes! We want you to experience the benefits that moderate exercise brings not only to increase the speed at which fat loss occurs but also to benefit from the release of endorphins. Get into a habit of exercise. It doesn’t matter how long you go for initially, just make a start. MAP experts encourage 3 to 5 times a week.

MAP health professionals are working on new meal plans every month and we’re adding in new customized plans often. Can’t see something you want? Shoot us an email and we’ll customize to suit your requirements.

MAP offers customized nutritional weight loss plans that integrate healthy approaches alongside it’s programs. As we’re a global company, we can not offer 1-2-1 programs or personal consultations. We’re 100% online and this allows for us to keep costs down while still providing you the quality and professional nutritional plans you’d receive from going to a Dietician or Nutritionist.

If there is a food group or ingredient you don’t like, often you can just replace it with something else. If you are finding that a lot of the recipe options are not to your liking, then let us know and we’ll move you to the customized meal plan option.

Supplements are totally optional on any of the MAP programs. We do encourage additional vitamin supplements from approved retailers because of the science based research behind them, however this is totally optional.

MAP contributors have had decades of health experience behind them. Over the years we’ve created, refined, tweaked, adjusted, argued over then fine-tuned every single plan and are proud to show case some of the worlds most effective weight loss strategies available today. MAP works – just follow the process.

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MAP – Clean Keto Lite

ONLY $29

  • 7-Day Clean Keto Program
  • 7-Day Supplementation Plan
  • Online Group Support

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