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Pulverize Fat Starter Kits

You get to choose how to play. Smash up the 5 Day Shred or Tear Up the 28 Day Transform. Each program comes with high protein engineered meal replacement shakes, vitamin stacks, Metabolism boosters and more.

MAP – 7 Day Jump Start

ONLY $183

  • 21 Single Serve Meal Replacement Shakes
  • 7 Day Vitamin Stack (AM & PM Packets)
  • 7 Single Serve Packs Probiotic
  • 14 Day Follow-on PDF Low Gi Meal Plan


These programs are designed to smash cravings, drop fat and create good habits. You can start with the 7 day, or 28 day program and then follow on with the low glycemic index recipe plans designed to drop more fat. Each program is engineered with specific calorie range, the correct amount of protein, fats and fiber, metabolism boosters plus pharmaceutical grade nutritional vitamin stacks.

You swap out each main meal with a high quality protein packed, high in fiber and low GI meal replacement. The fibre keeps you full and eliminates the carbohydrate cravings. Then slowly, re-introduce healthier meal choices with our customized meal plans.

Thousands of individuals around the world have trusted this program to kick off their new approach to a healthier lifestyle. 7 days is all you need to create a healthy habit. 28 days to transform your body. Getting started is the hardest part. MAP takes the hard out and replaces it with a firmer, stronger (and leaner) you.

Average weight loss in the first 7 days is 2.2kg or 4.8lbs. Average over 28 days is 4.8kg or 10.5lbs.

Big Benefits of the Nutrition Kit Programs

One of the easiest of the MAP programs. Why? We send you everything for 7 or 28 days. Done. Sorted. You just mix, drink and move.  Lets start with the 4 Big Benefits.

These nutritional kits are an all-in-one program. It takes the guess work out and you can focus on your day and let us take care of the rest. Yes it hard not to eat ‘real food’ but there’s a reason and it’s short term

Most of us have roughly been 10 mins away from food most of our lives. If you’ve landed here, you perhaps have had your fair share and want to change. Controlled eating is short term and the objective is to change habits.

Our product partner USANA Health Sciences is a research facility manufacturing a world class health product line, one of which is the Jumpstart and 28 Day Program. Tens of thousands have been sold making it by far, a very successful program.

The nutrition kits are an all in one program. We deliver you what you need for 7 or 28 days. We cut out the hunger and the cravings. We then show you exactly how to integrate back in healthier eating habits with nutritious food.

WHAT YOU’LL GET WITH THE 28 Day Transform Program

With THESE massively effective programs unlike anything ELSE, you get INSTANT ACCESS TO:
MAP 28 Day Transform (Value $407)

You’ll get 2 x 14-serving gussets. 1 x Vanilla and 1 x Chocolate, 28 single-serve pouches. 14 each of Vanilla and Chocolate. 1 x Metabolism Plus to boost your metabolism and speed up fat loss. 14 x Peanut Butter snack bars. Blender bottle, smoothie recipe pamphlet and a Healthy Lifestyle guide.

4 week Supplement Plan (Value $97)

Supplements play an important role in not only fat loss, but overall well being. However – lets get real, knowing what to take, when to take (and why to take) supplements is a challenge. Our MAP Resident Supplement Specialist will break it down providing you with all you need to know to help with joint health, brain and heart health and of course fat loss.

4 week customized meal plan (Value $297)

Following on from Transform, you will receive a customized low glycemic index, moderate essential fat and high protein meal plan. You get full access to the MAP Meal Planner App that provides real-time nutrition data from the nutrition application programming interface. The fully loaded recipe guide, with photos and with smart grocery list that is fully downloadable if you prefer. Switch out meals, increase serving size if you’re feeding more than one.

Total value? $801
The unbelievably small investment from you?


7 day Jumpstart Kit includes:
  • 21 Single Serve Meal Replacement Shakes
  • 7 Day Pharmaceutical Grade Potent Vitamin Stack
  • 7 Powerful Probiotic Sticks (Gut Health)
  • 14 Day Follow-on PDF Low Gi Meal Plan


ONLY $183

Common Questions

If you have any other questions or concerns about the program, please contact us at

Exercising is not a requirement for any of the MAP programs but you increase the rate at which fat is lost if you do.  There’s no need to be an ultra-marathon runner but daily moderate exercise is something everyone needs to strive for. We’re here to smash your goals right? So get amongst it.

The MAP Health Professionals are always updating existing plans and introducing new plans too. If you have a request for a Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo or Gluten Free…or something else, then whip us a quick email to and we’ll customize your program to suit your requirements.

My Action Project is an online weight management solution. It takes the time and expense out of visiting Nutritionists. You have the same evidence based and customized weight loss programs, just a heck of a lot cheaper. We don’t therefore offer face to face consultations. We do offer online support so hit us up.

Taking supplements is certainly not a requirement but for the 5 day and 28 day nutrition kits, please note these kits do contain the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade Vitamin stacks. Taking additional supplements alongside a healthy diet is advised.

Yes it will. MAP is pleased to have members from all over the world. All our food choices are generic and not branded food items. All of MAP plans are nutrient dense, whole foods crafted into healthy weight management meal plans so no matter where you are, the ingredients will be available.

This depends on the program. If you buy the 5 Day or 28 day program. We will ship this direct to you so expect between 5 to 9 days. We require signature upon delivery as this does contain a lot of product. All other programs, expect instant PDF downloads and instant PIN access to MAP Meal Planner app.

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We receive amazing and inspiring transformation pictures and testimonials each week. Seeing the positive impact the plan has had on our client’s lives is the sole reason for creating the MAP – FAST WEIGHT LOSS plan




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ONLY $183

  • 21 Single Serve Meal Replacement Shakes
  • 7 Day Vitamin Stack (AM & PM Packets)
  • 7 Single Serve Probiotic Sticks
  • 14 Day Follow-on PDF Low Gi Meal Plan

If you have any other questions or concerns about the program, please contact us at