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Going to see a Nutritionist and a Personal Trainer takes time and is expensive.

MAP gets it. You want the expertise of professionals, access proven weight loss programs, spend less but still get results.

These aren’t your standard weight loss meal plans. MAP revolutionizes the way you lose weight by providing you the 3 major components to successful body transformation – in one place, saving you time and a whole bunch of moolah.

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Results based nutrition through healthy habits and behaviour

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If You Dare

This isn’t for the faint hearted. This program is used by professional figure athletes. It’s developed to drop fat fast while toning and shaping. No cheating here.

Post RESET Program

Following the popular 5 Day RESET Program comes a structured transformation program integrating whole foods and controlled eating times.

Clean KETO

Clean Keto is a Keto diet plan based on net carbs of 20g or less each day, including a high essential fat (healthy fat) content. Designed for maximum fat loss without the hunger.

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MAP Fast

This program is for you if you want quick, fast , sustainable results. Utilising scientifically proven intermittent fasting protocols, you’ll eat clean, train hard and see results. This could be one of the best Fasting diet plans.

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